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Ali Ata Provides Tips On Property Development

Property development is a crucial aspect of the real estate domain. In simple terms, property development can be defined as the purchase of real estate with the aim of adding value to it and gaining a positive return on investment. Real estate developers, like Ali Ata, typically work on renovating or refurbishing a property to augment its valuation. In fact, he has recently purchased an Illinois multifamily residential building that he now plans to rehabilitate.  A real estate developer who can identify the perfect property development opportunity can expect to enjoy quite attractive returns on their investment.

Property developers are tasked with a host of important responsibilities.  Apart from developing the project idea, they also have to conduct a feasibility and marketing study. At times they even shall be required o formulate a sales strategy to ensure the success of a project. While carrying out all these tasks might be simple for someone as experienced as Ali Ata, it is always not easy for new developers.  New property developers have to be extremely proactive in their approach and have to pay heed to a host of vital factors while carrying out their job.

Here are some of the important aspects of property development that new developers must put emphasis on:

  • Creating A Plan:-  Like all ventures, property development also requires a clear strategy that helps the developers to focus on important issues and keep an eye on the things that might go wrong. They need to effectively highlight their business objectives, mission statement and ethos, methodology, SWOT analysis and financial projections under the plan. It will be smart to plan long-term financial expectations for up to 24 months.
  • Location:- There is nothing more important than location when it comes to successful property investment. However, this doesn’t mean that one should only invest in highly sought-after and expensive areas.  People need to focus on investing in the best location as per their target market.
  • Proper Research:- While property development can be the route to success and riches, this is only possible if one is smart in the process. Conducting a detailed analysis of a potential site is extremely vital. Experienced developers like Ali Ata always ensure to conduct thorough research before investing in any space.
  • Keep The Cost Model Updated:- There is a good chance that the initial predicted project costs will actually end up being the reality. As the design scheme, proposed materials, construction methods and other areas of work change, so shall the costs. All of these expenses have to be tracked within the development cost model. Owing to the additional requirements from statutory bodies or specialist design elements, it is pretty common for construction costs to go up as the design becomes more detailed.

No matter how simple or complex, and large or small a project is, property developers need to make sure that some form of build contract is in place for it.  It is crucial to be systematic about the procurement strategy.

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