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Five Ways To Add Value To Your Property

awesome-minimalist-house-interiorProperty prices may be falling, but there are ways you can increase the value of your home. The five example below are ways to push the price of your property in the right direction:

1) Loft conversion

If you have easy to access loft space in your home, you can add extra value to your property by getting a loft conversion. Adding extra space in this manner can create a whole new room such as a bedroom, bathroom or study. The floor joists will have to be strengthened and this will increase the height of the floor level in your loft room, so you will need to make sure that you have enough headroom at ceiling height for comfort. The other consideration is to ensure that your loft room is professionally constructed with the required planning permission granted and looks from the outside of your property as if it has been a valuable addition, rather than just a hastily constructed add-on.

2) Add a conservatory

Another way to add a room to the house is by extending your living space with the addition of a conservatory. A conservatory can be added to the front of the house, with relevant planning permission, but more often than not it would be expected to be used overlooking a rear garden for privacy purposes. If you use this same flooring throughout the downstairs living area, whether carpet or tiling, you extend this to include the conservatory flooring, thus increasing overall floor space.

3) Improve the kitchen

The main room of the house to concentrate on (for adding value to a home) is the kitchen – the room which many consider to be the heart of their home. Create an efficient work surface and ensure good access between the three main points of the kitchen: the sink, fridge and cooker. Install modern equipment to match.

4) Clever use of mirrors

Not every method of adding value to your property will require a substantial financial outlay. A simple but clever use of mirrors in rooms or hallways can add the effect of light and space even in quite darkened corners. Hanging a mirror opposite a window will seemingly almost double the space in that room, but make sure you do have a large mirror! Another small but important point is to keep the mirror clean (dust and fingerprints can be very off-putting when it is an item that is designed to draw the eye).

5) Improve the interior and exterior

Painting the house inside and out will certainly add value, but be mindful that redecoration internally would ideally be kept to neutral colours. For many this may seem bland, but it is better to have a clean, crisp approach to your décor than to have a mix and match of colours, patterns and textures. Don’t let your décor make your property look old, tired, gaudy or dark. The neutral look of light colours creates a feeling of space, which can be warmed up by the clever use of colour-coordinating accessories in the room. If your property is in a conservation area, you may not be allowed to paint it on the outside without permission, but you could consider masonry cleaning instead if the build materials are relevant.

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  1. Jess White

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