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The Best Glass Room Inspiration

A glass room is such a versatile space, making it ideal for a variety of uses. As well as being the ideal room for relaxing and socialising, it can be used as an office or even a guest bedroom. Not only do the glass walls make the space feel larger than it really is, but the natural light flooding in can make it feel more welcoming bright and airy. Glass garden rooms come with so many possibilities, making them a joy to decorate. Read on for the best glass room inspiration.

Create a harmonious scheme

If you want to make your glass room feel like an extension of your existing living space, it makes sense to coordinate the décor. This makes it more likely that you’ll use the room every day rather than only during the summer months or to access the garden, giving it a greater sense of purpose. Using the same colour scheme throughout the adjoining rooms can help to unify the living space. Having the same flooring throughout the ground floor can also help to form a natural flow from one space to the next. Many people choose to echo the decor choices of a traditional living room, installing a couch, coffee table, rugs and soft furnishings, for example.

Add houseplants to bring the outside in

Since your glass room allows you to enjoy the feeling of being outdoors all year round, why not add houseplants to bring more greenery into the space? This will help to make the transition from indoors to outdoors almost seamless. Choose tall plants to fill empty corners and hang colourful baskets from the ceiling to bathe the room in nature. This ensures that you can feel at one with the outdoors even on wet and windy days when you’d rather stay inside.

Control the light with blinds

Whilst one of the biggest benefits of a glass garden room is that it can be flooded with natural sunlight, sometimes you may desire shade. Adding window blinds can allow you to filter the amount of light that’s allowed to enter the space, letting you utilise the space at all times throughout the day, even when the sun’s at its strongest. Blinds can also add some much-needed colour to the room, allowing you to achieve the look you want for the space. Blinds for glass rooms come in a wide range of different styles and designs to suit your needs and tastes.

Refresh the furniture

With limited walls to decorate due to glass garden rooms being primarily made up of windows, adding colour can be challenging. However, it’s possible to do this through the furniture you choose. Upcycled furniture is a good option; you could opt to revive old wooden furniture with a lick of brightly coloured paint. Vibrant cushions and tablecloths can also help the space pop with colour.

With so many options when it comes to decorating your glass room, it’s easy to turn this versatile space into somewhere you love to spend time.

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