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Different Ways To Decorate Your Pergolas?

The pergola is a classic garden feature that can be used as a focal point or as an extension of your patio. It’s also a great way to create shade and shelter from the sun. Plus, it’s easy to build! Here are 10 tips on how you can decorate your pergolas for any style of outdoor living space.

Review Your Style

Think about the type of look you want to achieve when decorating your Bespoke pergolas. Do you want it to be more laid back? Perhaps with a rustic feel, or do you prefer an elegant design full of charm with its finer details? Your choice will have a direct impact on the aesthetics of your home, so take the time to choose something that suits your tastes perfectly.

Add Plants

Create an aura of calm cosiness by adding plants around the base of your pergola. You can use climbers, creepers, or even annuals in planters for this purpose. A long gravel path leading up to the pergola is also a nice idea if you like green spaces and nature in your garden.

Add Textiles

No outdoor space is complete without soft furnishings, cushions, and rugs to add a touch of warmth and comfort. These are usually some of the best ways to decorate your pergola because they create a certain sense of intimacy that’s difficult to achieve with anything else. You can also use them during cooler nights or even on rainy days when you want to sit outside but don’t feel like being too exposed to the elements.

Use Lighting

One way you can spruce up your pergola is by adding some nice lighting fixtures around it that provide sufficient lighting to allow you to read or converse with your guests without straining your eyes. You can also use them for romantic evenings under the stars, which is a great way to get close to your loved one too.

Choose Curtains And Blinds

Adding a touch of privacy around the pergola by putting up curtains or blinds can help create a cosy, intimate atmosphere that’s conducive to cuddling and relaxing. Choose materials that are lightweight but durable enough for outdoor use, such as polyester blends with a polyurethane coating for maximum quality and protection from rain damage.

Hang Mirrors

Adding mirrors to the walls around your pergola can create the optical illusion of space and make the area seem larger than it actually is. This is a great way to make a small pergola appear grander, and is perfect for those who want to make the most out of their outdoor living spaces.

Hang Artwork

Another way to dress up your pergola is by hanging some beautiful pieces of art around it. You can either choose something that goes with the overall style of your home or something completely different that’ll add interest and contrast. Just be sure to use materials that can withstand outdoor conditions such as rain, sun, and wind exposure.

Add Seating

Adding a few outdoor sofas and benches to the pergola can add a certain sense of comfort and cosiness to the area. This is especially true if you choose plush loungers that make you feel almost like you’re sitting in an armchair indoors. Also, be sure to use bright colours and soft fabrics for maximum visual appeal and comfort.

Install Lighting Fixtures

You should also add lighting fixtures in your Bespoke pergolas, such as pendant or chandelier lights that give off warm illumination to create a cosy atmosphere when night falls. Installing these types of lighting is even easier than adding regular lamps because they tend to be designed with outdoor spaces in mind.


Decorating a pergola doesn’t have to be complicated. The key is simply knowing what you want your space to look like and how it should feel. Once you’ve figured that out, the rest will start falling into place pretty quickly. You’ll find yourself adding plants, textiles, lighting fixtures for evening use, or even artwork if any of those things appeal to you too! The best part about decorating pergolas is that it’s an easy way to add some extra charm and personality to your outdoor living spaces while still feeling cosy and comfortable in the process.

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