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Should I Rent Furnished Or Unfurnished?

img3Many owners go presently about to furnish your apartment for renting partially or completely. This allows you hope to significantly higher rental income, but not aware that this strategy works only under certain conditions and with greater administrative burden.

One should differentiate among two concepts:

1. Unfurnished = permanent tenancy
2. Furnished = short-term

Certainly there are intermediate forms, such as unfurnished rentals for 5-7 years, if the landlord then needs the apartment let’s say for personal use or would like to comprehensively modernize. In general, however, one should focus on the above two strategies. For example, there is almost no demand for a perpetual lease for a furnished property.

So you should think in advance what type of tenancy is desired and fits into the personal circumstances. So if you are interested in a long-term lease, the apartment should be empty (except internals times). A (partial) Furniture limits the audience a clear and hardly justifies a higher rent.

If you, however, open to rentals “on time”, i.e. usually for 6-24 months, it may under certain conditions be useful to furnish the apartment and fully equip. “Short-term” is in demand especially for smaller apartments (1-2 rooms) in central locations. These are also important to a good infrastructure (subway, shopping) and an attractive micro-location with a varied gastronomy, sport and leisure facilities in the vicinity.

Since buyers often move for this type of housing only with a suitcase and a few personal items, has a “hotel-like” features available and be co rented: These include, in addition to furnishing corresponding to the living environment (i.e. no cheap furniture in an inner city old building apartment) also a fully equipped with washing machine, ready-programmed TV, DVD or Blu Ray player if necessary, stereo with iPod dock and a high-speed Internet access (WLAN). Must also be present crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, microwave, vacuum cleaner, iron / ironing board, bed linen and towels. It is also desirable regular visits to a cleaner.

It is seen that for a furnished rental is one more than a few furniture. Think carefully about whether you want to buy all the said items of equipment and maintain or renew continuously. The higher rental income is quickly tempered by the increased wear of housing and amenities as well as the much larger administrative burden. In addition, demand is lower by furnished apartments and it is therefore to be expected with more vacancy and rent loss.

I am happy to advise you whether your house is suitable for “short-term” and the rent that you can achieve it.

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