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Workplace Of The Future: Office Spaces As A Reflection Of Corporate Culture

img5Global Employment and virtual collaboration are trends that will change the jobs of the future. Companies increasingly employ outside workers, employees are mobile, work part-time at the customer site or from the Home Style Office. New technologies make possible to work almost anywhere in the world.

In many companies, there are hardly any more permanent jobs individual offices are increasingly being converted to alternative office solutions.

From 12 to 15 million office jobs in UK are only less than half of individual offices. Some companies believe in productive and creative work processes through more interaction with colleagues in open office landscapes instead of separate individual offices, while others want to save space and cost and use office spaces more efficiently. But how alternative forms of office work actually on the motivation and performance of employees? And what conclusions to the existing corporate culture allow the design of new office space? Or rather, how should jobs be designed in the future to match the respective corporate culture and the workforce?

“Intelligent” open-plan offices and their impact on employee

Open plan offices are those offices which are continuous office spaces without any fixed intermediate wall. They are also known as smart open-plan offices and are very trendy. As a target of such new office solutions, it is usually opted to improve communication and to encourage employees to share their ideas and experiences. In addition to refuges, there is room for meetings and conferences.

The concepts are different: In the case of a private company things are banished from the workplace. Each employee admits his desk evening empty, there are no permanent jobs, and everyone is looking for the next day a free place where he connects his laptop. “Clean Desk Policy” is the name of this kind of office. Again, other approaches focus on individuality. Employees have their place and may make these as they wish. The more personal the better. It’s all a matter of faith.

Some companies are now adapting the trend and are designing ergonomic office furniture, innovative lighting systems and open from noise absorbing materials furnishing concepts with specific areas to call for meetings and to rest and reflect. At times, office staff indulges themselves in an innovative office landscape, which serves as an exhibition space of the new concepts and office furniture for customers at the same time. One marvels at the creative use of land and interesting details. For example, noise-absorbing materials for the walls are frequently used in “conversation corners” and a large conference table with monitor and connections for laptops middle of the room also served for meetings and eating together as a team.

The concept of cabined office is almost extinguishing even the CEO’s of the company love to chat and eat with their employees which helps newbie to feel comfortable with senior employees and psychologists say friendly environment between employer and employee decreases the level of stress and help staff working more efficiently.

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